I am the former audience, hear me roar.

February 18, 2010 at 12:24 am (Uncategorized)

I feel like I’m part of a club, “the former audience alliance”…or something like that. I was the reader, the consumer, the viewer. However, things have changed.

I can sit at my desk, writing a blog about the snow, my dog, my brunch date, whatever I so choose. I can publish. I am no longer stuck in my reader role. I can branch out, and I can comment.

Commenting seems to be the easiest way to break out of the reader bubble. The bubble which contains all those who choose not to publish, only to consume. In essence, I appreciated being in that bubble, but being a publisher is far more interesting.

If you write it, I can debate it. If you post it, I can post back. I hold the power through feedback.  I am the former, disgruntled audience. I’m also the former applauding audience. I now don’t have to force all of my opinions into a letter to the editor, I can comment them directly on the article. I can even gain fellow commenters to add and support my comment. As the former audience, we are a growing team.

I love being the former audience, and the current publisher.


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