“Oh the weather outside is…weather”….a rant/babbling of sorts

February 16, 2010 at 6:22 pm (Uncategorized)

I think I’m the only one excited about snow…well, the only human. I’m beginning to realize that the majority of my blogs contain my Luka anectdotes, but he just cracks me up, so we’ll have to deal.


In true Luka-ness, the snow turned him into a canine snow blower. He ran outside, realized it was snowing, and his nose hasn’t left the ground since. I swear, he’s obsessed.

This cute picture isn’t the true reason for this blog though, the true story is in how he dragged me across the grass a good 50 feet before he ran back and trampled my face. Ahh puppies.

Regardless of his adorable face, he most definitely caused some serious hurt. I’m convinced that in my old age of 20 (almost 21!) I’m getting hurt easily. My falling up the stairs last semester really did me in for way longer than it should have, and currently I’m sitting on a pillow typing this, so maybe I need some calcium…or whatever us old people require.

Off to blog about way more journalistic events =)


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