R.I.P. Myspace

January 29, 2010 at 7:21 pm (Uncategorized)

Once upon a time, Myspace ruled the social network kingdom. Internet users of all ages were glued to their computers. However, within the lives of persons in their teens and twenties, it seemed to be an obsession.

Whether they were looking for prospective “friends”, or uploading pictures to their page, these young people were heavy Myspace users. Myspace started a revolution, and was virtually impossible to avoid. However, in recent years it has faded as sites like Facebook have gained popularity.

College students at the University at Albany located in Albany, NY, seem to agree that Myspace is no longer a high commodity.

Megan Tatro, 21, a native of Moriah, NY, and junior at the University at Albany, found Myspace to be addictive. “I literally learned HTML so that I could personalize my own backgrounds on my page. I was obsessed. I checked it any time I could get to a computer,” she says. However, when asked about her usage now, her story changed drastically. “I deleted my page. It ended up getting annoying. I use facebook now,” she says.

Facebook’s emergence in 2004 seemed to capture college students’ attentions beyond Myspace’s capabilities. Cheryl Wilson, 21, a native of Saranac Lake, NY, and senior at the University at Albany, saw Facebook as a solution. “My brother went to college and had to meet people the ‘old fashioned’ way. I, however, made a facebook, added people from SUNY Albany, and had friends before I even moved in,” she says, “Facebook has changed how I keep in touch. I can keep tabs on my friends and family without leaving my computer.”

Students are not using facebook for much more past socialization. Job searching, and using facebook’s marketplace is not as much of an entity as the social aspect is. The belief that facebook can be used for career-related activities seems to be lacking for students. Lauren Carroll, 19, a native of Port Jervis, NY and Junior at the University at Albany has no intentions of using her facebook after college. “I would assume that I’d use something monster.com if I needed a job. Facebook is for parties and pictures, not for job searches,” she says.

Students at the University at Albany seem to prefer using their social networking sites primarily for social reasons. Students are not heavily frequenting job-related websites such as LinkedIn. Many are solely using networking sites to stay connected with friends and family, and the site most often used seems to be facebook.


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