Journalist, Shmournalist…You’re a human being first

January 22, 2010 at 7:31 pm (Uncategorized)

If you choose to stand by, and watch someone  be victimized, you are just as guilty as the person committing the act. Placing myself within Haiti, in Anderson Cooper’s situation, I would react in the same way.

When disaster is happening, the natural instinct is to protect oneself, not others. However, in Haiti, Cooper himself was not in danger, yet a young child was. His almost unnatural (in comparison to others’ reactions) reaction to step in and save the child is one which should be commended. If Cooper had continued to film this act of brutality, he might have been punished by the public for his decision.

By getting involved with the story, Cooper has created a bias for himself.  Assumedly, the majority of the public will agree that what happened in Haiti is a terrible tragedy.  The idea that any and all steps should be taken to save lives is strong. However, the majority of the public is not the entirety of the public. Therefore, Cooper’s act reveals his opinion on Haiti, creating a bias in the story he is reporting.

Personally, I feel that journalists should relate to their audience as both a human being, and a respected reporter. Cooper’s actions revealed his “human” side, and allowed people to see his values and morals, something often not shown in journalist’s works. This reveal could help him in the long run, by making him a trusted figure in the public’s eyes.

If I had been Cooper, and was witnessing a brutal attack on a child, I would undoubtedly step in. I feel that by standing back and watching violence occur, you are just as guilty as the person committing the violent act. Things like the Good Samaritan Law are in place so that people can help one another. At the end of the day, no matter what title or position you hold, you are a human first and should not allow unnecessary suffering to occur in your presence.


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