I am the pudding ambassador…here me roar

November 18, 2009 at 8:45 pm (Uncategorized)

So during the summer my Aunt told me about this internship her company was doing, a “pudding internship” she called it. I thought, “hey, I like pudding!” and consented.

It’s actually a whole social media/marketing internship though, and so I get to use this online interface which is set up like facebook, and I communicate with other “ambassadors” at other schools. I also have to hold a sampling at my school, which I did so today..tadaa!

I was suppose to meet this woman from Chartwells so she could help me set up my booth in front of Outtakes. She was suppose to be there at 11am. I waited for her until 11:15am and then decided to start the process myself. (Whatever  Chartwells)

They had shipped a bajillion boxes of pudding with my name on it (which I thought was funny because who doesn’t love tons of pudding being held for them by chartwells?) to the campus center kitchen. My cousin Mike happens to work in the warehouse of the company and ended up packing up the boxes, so I got a nice little “Hold for Alexis Gaines…..from Mike” note on the box (whatever, I thought it was funny).

I started unpacking and setting up the table, placing the chocolate and rice puddings out. All of a sudden with everything together, I became Car-salesman-Alexis. I was calling people over, I was yelling about pudding, the world seemed right! I think…

In the middle of my hyper-mode some woman approached me asking about the internship and whether I got paid or not. Obviously I said no, (and that I was solely compensated in POUNDS of pudding!) and that I was doing it for my college resume and the experience. I thought she was interested in the program, but then she decided to offer me a job! Well, actually, first she asked when I was going to be 21, which made me nervous as I’ve watched wayyy too many Law & Order: SVU’s. When I told her my birthday was in February, she proceeded to write her information down on a napkin (now I was REALLY convinced she was trying to kidnap me…or hit on me..either way I was uncomfortable). She works for a company that does liquor promotions, and she said she liked my energy. The girls make $25/hour doing wine tastings, and I’m po’ so maybe after February 25th we’ll be in touch falsely-accused-kidnapper-lady.

Anyway, 45 minutes prior to the official “end” of my tasting, I ran out of pudding (which is what made my “where’s the pudding?” button even funnier). I decided to pack it in, and went on my merry way.

However, I’m sick. So that, coupled with the yelling about the wonders of pudding equals me having no voice. So now I sound like a blues singer, but I’m kind of OK with it, I mean, I’m working it…that and a box of kleenex.


Link for the album of photos from my sampling event: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30860533&id=1357410123


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