Jimmy Vielkind doesn’t have 9 kids…

November 17, 2009 at 2:54 am (Uncategorized)

The New York Observer’s political blogger Jimmy Vielkind does not have nine children. However his last name says differently in German. He also did not always have the intention to be a journalist, which you would never gather due to his passion for the field.


Somehow, Vielkind has found himself far into a profession he didn’t intend to be in, and a bachelorhood, which defies his own name. Yet, from all of this Vielkind has prospered and grown from the kid who solely got into journalism because he wanted to make $8 an hour.


From his $8 an hour job, a career has been formed. At 24 years-old Vielkind is writing and striving in a field which seems to be experiencing constant downsizing.


Vielkind writes a political blog for The New York Observer. The blog focuses on “the state as it circles the drain” he says “I write about him [the governor] when he does governor-type things, and I write about him when he does not so governor-type things.”


Vielkind’s quick wit and excitement is just as infused within his blog as it is within his responses, making it clear why he has survived four rounds of company layoffs.  Vielkind’s resiliency may have to do with that fact that he is not only is focused on the writing aspect of his blog, but on the photography, videos, and audio that appear on the blog as well. Currently, Vielkind’s passion extends to being his own photographer and videographer. “I’ve kind of become my own one man band,” he says.


Such technological prowess and constant drive can also be seen as what has secured Vielkind in his profession. Journalism is a “workaholics profession,” he says, “I am a workaholic, I’ll die a workaholic.” This attitude however, may be the one, which is able to carry him through to his 30-year goal of being a general interest columnist.


With such a large goal for the future, Vielkind continues to “feed” his blog five times a day, and utilize all the newest technology available for journalists. All, but Twitter that is. “I don’t [twitter],” he says “it’s because I’m a bad person. There’s no logical reason for me not to twitter.”

Even when giving final advice to young journalism students, Vielkind’s personality and excitement comes out within his choice of advice to share. “Journalism is like a calling to the priesthood,” he says “you’re not going to make a lot of money, and you’re probably not going to get laid.” Yet even with such a comparison to his profession, Vielkind continues to prosper and enjoy being a journalist and covering the “BS in politics.”






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