Why scrabble should replace the NYS teacher certification exams

November 11, 2009 at 8:33 pm (Uncategorized)

At my job, my co-workers are pretty much all going to school to be teachers, which is who I would expect to be working at a before/after school day care. Being someone who is attempting to educate the future, you would think that these girls would be qualified and bright (or at least literate at best).

Newsflash: they’re not.

Scrabble changed my perspective on future educators forever Wednesday morning, all starting with a pore/poor debacle.

We were on two teams of two, one counselor and one child on each team. The other team was already getting competitive, and my team had realized it was 7:45am and the only thing we wanted to be serious about was getting back into bed. However, we put our game faces on and put down our first word: “hen.”

“Hen” was a good first word, lots to build on, especially which the “e” in the middle. However “hen” and that very same “e” is  what started the downfall of Scrabble, and my coworker.

Girl: ‘p-o-r-e’ or ‘p-o-o-r’ is the one on your face?

Me: “p-o-r-e”

Girl: “oooh, then what’s p-o-o-r?”

Me: “Poor, like, destitute?”

Girl stares with confused look (oye.)

Me: “Like, not rich?”

Girl: “oooooooh!”

Game continues, painfully, with the word “ripen” put down by my team

Girl: “uhm, ripen’s not a word (note: said rip-pen).”

Me: “yes, it is. Ripen, as in fruit must ripen.”

I’m annoyed by now. Scrabble wasn’t made for nobel prize winners alone, like come on. “Cast” is on the board now, I add an “e”

Girl: “caste (said kays-stuh)? Caste is not a word!”

Me: “Ok. It’s a system. The untouchables? Ring a bell?”

Girl: “Uhmm, if you say so.”

Me: “I’m going to go play with the Lego’s.”

And that is how she wasn’t strangled. She should thank Lego’s.

It’s not that she wasn’t good at Scrabble, or the English language. It was that she was an imposter. Someone who is saying to parents that they’re educated and qualified to teach children. I’m sorry, but if you don’t know the word “ripen”, you’re just dumb.

So in the end, I’m thinking that NYS needs to rethink all the certification exams, and have a giant Scrabble tournament.


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