The Great Milk Mystery of Monday…

November 11, 2009 at 8:21 pm (Uncategorized)

Friday Afternoon:

The fridge is stocked, and the milk carton in question has been used once since purchased on Thursday, making it practically full. My initials are on it, clearly stating that the dairy product is mine, and mine alone.

Monday Morning:

I open said fridge to begin to make my breakfast (shredded wheat, spoon size! – obsessed.) and reach in to grab the now EMPTY milk carton.

I yell at the carton. However, it’s not the carton’s fault, now is it? Nope, there’s a milk thief in my apartment.

Monday Afternoon:

After thinking and considering that there are three milk cartons (two now that mine has been sacrificed to the unknown) in the fridge and four people living in the apartment, I can narrow it down. If three out of four of us have cars, then we would all be able to run out and grab milk when we run out. However, one of my dear apartment-mates has no car or license. Mystery solved.


The Confrontation:

I decided to be sly and text her with “do you have any milk? Someone drank ALL of mine!” I figured that this would produce a “oh, it was me, I owe you some milk, sorry!” type of response. Instead I got, “nope, don’t have any. Hey, if you’re going to Walmart, I need blah blah blah blah.”

I know she drank it, she knows she drank it, and instead of a confession and apology I got errands?


I went to Walmart, got some milk. I also got some permanent marker and wrote my name on every free space of that milk carton. I thought it was artsy, yet sent a message. I swear though, if that milk is gone, good luck to anyone around.



End dairy-infused rant 🙂


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