Newsday and it’s Pay Wall

October 28, 2009 at 8:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Clearly Newsday has been reading all of my journalism assignments, because they recently decided to charge for most of the content on their website (something I’ve been supporting).

Newsday has decided to give you a little blurb and you have to be a subscriber to read more. They’re trying their best to be enticing about the all the videos, articles, and pictures that non-subscribers will be missing, but personally I think they could of given even less to non-paying readers.

Of course Newsday online is “free” for anyone who is a customer of optimum online, a clever way to promote themselves and get some advertising cash. Seeing as I’m not home (aka on long island, had you not figured that out) I haven’t seen any commercials or ads that promoted the new pay wall, but I can say that there are ads all over the website. I think I would’ve advertised more to gain readership online, but that’s just me.

Newsday provides you with a “quickread” for example this was copied directly from the website’s homepage:

Victim’s family: Slay suspect is ‘not a man’

A Mastic man who prosecutors say killed a woman in her apartment after she rejected his advances was indicted Wednesday on second-degree murder charges in Suffolk County Court in Riverhead.

The picture is pretty enticing, however seeing as I am a subscriber to optimum online, I was able to read the full story.

Editor & Publisher covered the new pay wall for and Joe Strupp had this to say about the “quick reads”:

Some of the free summaries present stories with almost a cliffhanger-like ending if you do not subscribe. An article about a gas station attendant thwarting a robbery detailed the events up to this sentence: “The rifle-toting suspect banged on the door and …”

Yes, pay up to see the rest.

Overall I’m happy that Newsday is trying to help themselves out of this dismal situation. Bravo!


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