In light of our guest speaker’s puppy references, voila, my new puppy!

October 21, 2009 at 1:09 am (Uncategorized)

I’m somewhat inspired by tonight’s guest speaker, so I figure I’ll give blogging a try..maybe I’ll like it better than twitter?

Anyway, writing in my own voice was a good tip, so I’m taking a break from my addiction to AP style and just going. Figured I’d start with my new addiction: my puppy.

After my boyfriend (who hates being mentioned in any of the blog pieces I have to write for school, but sometimes he gives a good interview, what can I say…) watched Marley and Me not once, but twice, he got this notion in his head that we NEEDED a dog. Now, we have two cats, one of which isn’t even a year old. A puppy seemed insane, but I figured I’d let him dream. Jokes on me seeing as I have a puppy sleeping next to me as I sit and type this.

Monday we went to the shelter which is always a dangerous place for me – I want to save everything. The last time we went there just to look we came home with Tessie, our ADHD cat who has an affinity for wrappers..but that’s another story. So, we walked through the cats (I tried not to look, 2 cats is enough for 1 apartment) to get to the dogs, and came across this little guy:

He had just been brought out onto the main floor with all the other dogs up for adoption 5 minutes before we got there, it was fate, or “bashert” as the Jewish old woman inside me kept wanting to call it. We filled out this ridiculous “profile” and then off we went to play with the pup, who ended up running through each and every…present…left by the other dogs. Did I mention that he’s a genius? No really, he already knows “sit”, “come”, “stay”, can walk on a leash, and is housebroken — and he’s only 3 months old. He’s einstein-pup.

After my boyfriend and I “discussed” our options (we both knew we were taking home that dog), we decided to adopt him, or “Taco” as they were calling him (stupid name for a dog, obviously we changed it for his own good). The poor guy had to get neutered, so we couldn’t pick him up until Wednesday..welp, that was today folks, and let me tell you, he stole my heart…right after he vommed all over my car.


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