Shirky’s Forecast

October 7, 2009 at 12:00 am (Uncategorized)

I think that Clay Shirky makes a lot of good points in his analysis of journalism and where it is heading. However, I especially agree with him on his opinion of accountability and newspaper.

In regards to what Shirky has to say about advertisers and journalism, I think he is dead-on. The story about Ford and its power over Newspapers exemplifies how influential money can be on accountability. A newspaper cannot possibly consider itself truthful or accountable if they are simply obeying their advertisers every wish. That is just simply bad journalistic ethics. However when he speaks about how much harder a newspaper would be to economically maintain online, I think that this might help it. Although this most likely won’t happen, to get rid of some of the advertisers might enhance the paper’s accountability. Many might turn to cheaper, less informed and free websites, however, although these may be inaccurate, the people paying to advertise on their site are not influencing them because there probably are none! It’s a sticky situation at best.

Although I agree with Shirky on advertising, I especially agree with his ideas about the media landscape and the future of journalism. I think that journalists can be held accountable without having a physical newspaper to print them. I see no reason why a web publisher cannot be accountable, and only print can. I feel that newspapers truly hold the trust of a community and that without them, there wouldn’t be a definite line of what is and isn’t trustworthy news in peoples’ eyes. Even if a newspaper is solely to exist online, it still would be an institution that worked. I definitely agree that the newspaper should not be replaced, just slightly tweaked.


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