Irish Day and Qik

October 4, 2009 at 12:49 am (Uncategorized)

This weekend I ended up coming home to Long Island; which is where I currently sit writing this blog, after a long day of working the Long Beach Irish Festival. My aunt and uncle own a jewelry business and I usually help them with their booth at the fair.

Amongst the drunken mess that was today, I actually encountered some journalism. I came across a person using their Iphone’s Qik application. The man took his phone out and (with slightly slurred speech) asked if he could film us while we worked, as he was doing something for his current events blog (his double-fisting of Guiness made me skeptical of his blogging capabilities, but I decided to believe him). When I asked him what program he would be using, i.e., saving the file and uploading it, or using an application, he mentioned Qik.

I briefly questioned him about it (as I was quite busy juggling the green-bearded man’s purchase as well as preventing a massive cup of beer from spilling onto the rings…disaster was striking) and he only had positive reviews of the program. He did happen to say that his phone would probably need a decent charging afterwards when I brought up the battery-life issue, but for the most part the man enjoyed the app.

I thought this was an interesting twist in the discussion of what technology can do for a journalist. If this barely sober blogger could manage to use Qik for his blogging pleasure, I see no reason for (assumedly sober) journalists to not be able to readily use this app as well.

Just a thought…another brilliant idea to come out of Irish Day, joining the ranks with green-dyed Poodles and Irish flag colored beards everywhere.


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