My attempt at Qik…and directing

September 29, 2009 at 11:35 pm (Uncategorized)

The AP stylebook iPhone app got me thinking more about mobile phones and journalists. So when Poynter ran an article about the 10 best Blackberry applications for Journalists, I got excited to see how I could use my crackberry for more than texting.

Poynter listed their top picks as:

  1. Qik (stream live video from your phone)
  2. Ubertwitter (ability to twitter)
  3. Blackberry messenger (ability to communicate with other blackberry users)
  4. Google mobile
  5. Evernote (a note writing app)
  6. Google voice (a caller ID like feature)
  7. Opera mini (a web browser)
  8. Facebook
  9. Tethering (using the phone as a modem for your computer)
  10. 10. Vlingo (ability to use voice commands)

Since I already used blackberry messenger, Google mobile, opera mini, and Facebook, I was curious as to what the others did. I decided I’d focus on Qik, because the ability to send video from my phone directly to the Internet sounded like it might be useful.

Qik is actually a free program, which is shocking because apps that are useful are usually quite expensive (i.e. the AP stylebook app sells for close to $30.00). However, although Qik is free, it depleted my battery power in what felt like ten minutes.

I was able to upload and stream videos on my Facebook, however the time it took to get it uploaded was lengthy at best. I could see how this could help a Journalist, however the time it takes to actually get the video on to the internet could be a hindrance.

Although I only used it to upload a dumb (yet adorable, of course) video of my kitten, I felt like it was easy to use and worth the time I waited for my directing skills to become public.


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