How do I access the news? Well, I’ll tell you!

September 12, 2009 at 8:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Not being a fan of conventional ways of getting the news, I look to the internet to satisfy my news needs. I prefer using my blackberry’s applications, and am able to receive the headlines of a variety of newspapers and up to the minute information on various topics that I have chosen. I also am a fan of Google Alerts, which I receive on my phone nightly.

I find myself quite invested in “new media”, constantly checking facebook, my favorite blogs, internet news sites, and my guilty pleasure – online tabloids. I am reluctant to pick up a print newspaper, and rarely do so. I find it to be a nuisance and a waste of paper and ink. If I like an article, I’ll print it out. I find no need to have 30,000 copies of the same paper lying around campus, as they are just creating waste.

My opinion on the news differs greatly from my parents, who prefer the traditional printed newspaper. My mother reads the paper every morning and finds reading on the computer to be a hassle. My father on the other hand, reads the printed news as well as receiving the news on his phone. He finds that with his job, it is sometimes easier to read the news from his phone on the go than carry a printed newspaper around with him.

Some websites that I think “get it” include the following:

Having recently come across this website, I find it’s combination of visual media to be truly engaging. Its crisp photojournalism entwined with its amusing cartoons and videos left me reading articles that I would normally pass over. FLYP is an online magazine, however much like other online publications it does not make the mistake of acting like a printed publication. It uses the technology available to it’s full advantage and in return, hooks its readers into its publication.

As my hometown newspaper, I check this website a lot and find it to be very user-friendly. It offers interesting blogs and up to the minute information about things occurring near me. I am able to check the headlines quickly and easily, and I like that I can check their calendar for fairs or festivals that might be happening near me. Overall I think they’re doing a good job with the switch to online.

Of course the New York Times is a staple to read, and I feel it’s website holds up the same reputation. I like that I can personalize things like weather on the website, and that TimesPeople, a function they have on the site, allows me to share articles with whomever I so choose. I think that the Times does a good job with updating videos, pictures, and articles on the website and keeping the information up to date. I also think that the website is aesthetically appealing with its no-clutter theme and easy to read fonts.

This blog began as a way for Jen Lancaster to air her frustrations out about unemployment and her struggles with finding a job. She used her writing skills and her witty blog and turned it into a book deal. With her sudden fame from her book she now uses her website to connect with fans, and share videos and pictures. I think that she is the classic example of using online journalism to its fullest advantages.


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